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Programme de nos jeunes pour le Mercedi 25/04



"bonjour, tout le monde!!!

i wanted to pass along to you some information for tomorrow (thursday).

1. Departure for Burlington. Please make sure to deliver your student promptly
at 8 am at the flagpole, with a bag lunch. It always take a while to get the
students grouped and into cars. We have a 10 am tour at ben & jerry's.

Drivers are: Pietie Birnie, Mary Denton, Thomas Wetmore/Heidi Marcotte, Sarah
Robson, and Christine Gosselin. I am sending them an additional memo with driving
directions, etc.

2. Plan for day. The students loved shopping at West Leb today, and are begging
for more time shopping. So we will omit our visit to Cold Hollow Cider Mill,
which will give the group an additional hour in Burlington. Please remind your
student that the shopping in Burlington (Church St.) is more expensive than what
they experienced in West Leb!!! Those who have had their fill of shopping can
play frisbee or whatever at the waterfront park.

3. Plan for late afternoon/early evening. To cut down on the amount of chauffeuring
for you, the group will be staying in town after they return from Burlington.
They will have an early supper at the Hop cafe, followed by their session with
the Dartmouth Francophile Club. You are to pick up your student at 8:30 PM in
front of Hopkins Center. Please send him/her with MONEY FOR DINNER (approx $10-12)

We are having great fun with the students and hope that you are as well; they
are a lively and interested group.

A demain,


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